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Welcome to ENG-SOFT

Create your custom QR Code with Logo

Configure QR Content

Choose a content type from the top for your QR code, such as URL, Text, Email, and more. Once you've made your selection, you'll have access to a list of all the available choices. Fill in all the necessary fields that you want to be visible when the QR code is scanned. Ensure the accuracy of the entered information, as the content cannot be modified after the QR code is printed.

Personalize Appearance

Desire a distinctive appearance for your QR code? Personalize it with a custom color and swap out the usual shapes. Both the corner elements and the central body are open to individual customization. Enhance the QR code by incorporating a logo, either chosen from the existing gallery or uploaded as your own image. Additionally, you can commence the design process with any of the templates available in the template gallery.

Generate QR Code

Adjust the pixel resolution of your QR code using the slider provided. Click the "Create QR Code" button to preview your QR code. To ensure proper functionality, scan the preview using your QR code scanner. For optimal print quality, opt for a high-resolution setting when generating a PNG code.

Retrieve Image

Presently, you have the option to download your QR code image files in formats such as .png or .svg, as well as vector graphics like .pdf and .eps. For a vector format that encompasses the entire design, select .svg. This format is compatible with software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. It's important to note that the logo and design settings are applicable exclusively to .png and .svg files.

Infinite lifespan with limitless scans

ENG-SOFT also operates without constraints. Any QR codes produced through our service remain functional indefinitely, with no expiration and no scanning restrictions, distinguishing us from other commercial QR code generators. These QR codes are static in nature, meaning their only limitation lies in the inability to be edited once created.

High-Quality QR Codes for Printing

ENG-SOFT provides QR codes designed for printing purposes, ensuring exceptional clarity and resolution. When generating your QR code, select the maximum pixel size to generate .png files suitable for high-quality prints. Additionally, you have the option to download vector formats such as .svg, .eps, and .pdf, guaranteeing the utmost quality. We recommend the .svg format as it encompasses all design configurations and offers an ideal print format compatible with most vector graphic software.

QR Codes with Logo

Infuse your QR code with a distinctive brand touch using ENG-SOFT. Incorporating a logo into your QR code is a straightforward process with us. The QR codes retain their readability even with added logos. Each QR code boasts error correction capabilities of up to 30%. In practical terms, this signifies that up to 30% of the QR code's content (excluding corner elements) can be obscured while still maintaining its functionality. We offer the ability to integrate a logo image onto the QR code, covering a space of up to 30%.

Custom Design and Colors

Elevate the uniqueness of your QR code through our extensive design and color choices. Tailor the appearance by customizing the shape and structure of both the corner elements and the central body. Unleash your creativity by defining personalized colors for all components of the QR code. Amplify its visual impact by infusing a gradient color into the QR code body, ensuring it catches the eye. Appealing QR codes possess the potential to enhance scan rates significantly.